• Freesia Square •

Hook according to the yarn of your choice.

I used a Light Fingering / 3 ply yarn and 3mm hook.

ch – chain  •   sc – single crochet   •   dc – double crochet  •  sl st – slip stitch

Make a circle:  Ch 4 ,  join with sl st.

  1. ch 1, 12 sc, sl st  in first sc.
  2. ch 3 (this is the first dc and ch1 of the round), * dc in next st, ch1*,  repeat   * * 10 more times, join with sl st to 3rd chain of the first ch3 (12 dc and 12 ch).
  3. sl st to next ch1 space and ch 1, sc in same space, * ch4, sc in next ch1 space, ch4 , sc in next ch1 space, ch8, sc in next ch1 space*, repeat * * 3 more times but in the last repetition don’t do the last  sc, just sl st in 1rst sc (12 loops, 8 ch4 and 4 ch8)
  4. sl st to 2nd ch of first ch4 loop, ch1, sc in same loop, *ch5, sc in next ch 4 loop,  in next ch8 loop make 6dc – ch 3 – 6dc, sc in next ch4 loop*, repeat 3 times and join with sl st in first sc.
  5. sl st to 2nd ch of ch5 loop, ch2, 2dc in same loop, *ch6, sc in  next ch3 space (the one made in round 4, between de pair of 6 dc), ch5, sc in same space, ch6, 3 dc in next ch5 loop*, repeat 3 times, join with sl st.
  6. ch1, sc in eah dc, 6 sc in ch6 space, 5 sc in ch5 corner loop, 6 sc in ch6 space, complete round.
  7. ch1, sc all around (to make a better shaped corner, make 2 or 3 sc in 3rd st of corner loop), sl st.



: )

22 thoughts on “• Freesia Square •

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  3. Thank’s for sharing your pattern. I’ll me making something with this square… not sure what, will try dif yarns and thread… My name is Fressia, and so is my mother’s and my daughter’s roo!. We are three generations of Fressias and I’ll make something for them with your beautiful square

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  5. Hello. I saw a picture of the finished product of this pattern on another site and wanted to give it a try. I do have some experience–not extensive, though–with crocheting and reading patterns, but I just cannot get past the third row. I always seem to be missing three loops every time I try. Would you mind explaining it a little more or providing some pictures/diagrams? I am a bit lost.

  6. This will work well in a granny square afghan I plan to make for Christmas this year. I want to put Celtic symbols and other family tree squares in this gift. I would live any additional squares reflecting Irish ancestry. If others have squares they have created that reflect other countries or family crests, i would love to see information about them.

  7. I love this square !
    Thanks so much for the pattern.
    Do you also have an explanation of how you made the top with it that is shown on ravelry?
    The half squares have me puzzled :s


  8. Love this pattern. Please email me a visual pattern too if anyone has one available. (As is, it’s for a friend who said she can’t crochet it without a diagram.) Thank you~

  9. Comparing the size of the hook to the finished squares, it looks like the squares are quite small. For me this is wonderful as I want to make one in ecru then use it as a table topper once all joined together. It’s the type of pattern that I have been looking for. Thank you

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